Please respect the West Cork Secret grounds, use the paths provided and do not damage the trees or plants.

Follow the instructions of your instructor at all times.

Orienteering – Stay with your teammates at all time. In case of injury, stay together and call for help, your instructor will find out.

Do not stray form the pathways/trails in the wood.

Go Karts – Please remain on the sidelines unless you are in a go kart. Do not walk, run or stand on the track.

Assault Courses – Please adhere to the assault courses. Do not take short cuts or take diversions. There are water hazards on the course – Be aware! Listen to your instructor.

Water-slide – Do not walk, run or stand on the water-slide while others are using the slide. There are two ways of using the slide, siting on your bottom or lying on your stomach, you can only run at the top of the slide when you are going on your stomach. Maximum group size for the slide is two people. There is a water hazard at the end of the slide. Be ware! Listen to your instructor.